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Step 2. File Marking

Mark files for recovery.

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Files panel. 


The Recovery chances column shows the estimates of chances for successful file recovery .

Files are shown in a single file list with details or as a folder tree structure , or tiles on the Pictures tab.

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Files panel - Pictures tab. 

There are advanced sorting and searching options in R‑Undelete. See the File Sorting and File Search help pages for more details.

If a file is marked/cleared for recovery, it is applied to all tabs where it appears.

The build-in file viewer allows you to estimate chances for successful file recovery or to find a necessary file to recover.

If the required files are not found, or you are recovering files from the reformatted disk with a different file system, use the advanced Deep scan option.

You may shred deleted files to render their content completely unrecoverable. Go to the Shredder help page for more details.

When files are marked, click the Recover button to start the recovery .