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  • Free File Recovery from an Android Phone Memory Card

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An important note: this article describes file recovery from a memory card connected to an Android phone as external storage. If it is formatted and connected as internal storage (Android Marshmallow and newer), the data on it is encrypted and can by no means be accessed outside the phone. Most phone cards are connected to phones as external storages.

One of the advantages of the Android platform over its competitors is its ability to use memory cards to extend phone's storage space. Such cards may be used to store music, photos, movies, and user data for many programs. They also can be used for data exchange between the phone and other computer devices.

As usual, a good feature such as this one also has some drawbacks. One of them is the possible data loss when the card isn't handled properly. Most often this happens when the card is ejected from the phone without being properly unmounted. In this case the file system may be damaged so severely that neither the phone, nor a computer can recognize such card, and the files on it become inaccessible.

The good thing is that the files on such damaged card usually remain intact and can be recovered in most cases. We'll show how to use our file recovery program R-Undelete to do that.

Another important note: phone cards are formatted as FAT/exFAT storage devices, R-Undelete recovers files from them for free without registration, thus purchasing the program isn't required.

Android phones usually store on memory cards not only user's music, video, photo, files, and alike, but also some service data and files from various programs. That is why we will try to recover the entire folder structure and all files, including service data, and not just common user files.

So, we have an SD card that was improperly ejected, its file system is damaged such that the phone and a computer cannot recognize it. The card contains user's photos, videos, music and other audio files, and some service data from the phone and some programs. Let's recover the files using our file recovery program R-Undelete.

1. Download and install R-Undelete. See the Download Instructions and Info web page for details.

2. Connect the card to a computer. Almost all laptops have a special slot for SD memory cards, but a USB card reader may be necessary for a desktop PC.

3. Run R-Undelete and locate the memory card on the Disks panel.
The SD card with the damaged file system
Click image to enlarge

4. Drag the cursor over the Unrecognized Space and click Scan.
Scan start
Click image to enlarge

5. Wait for scan to complete.
Scan progress
Click image to enlarge

It may take a relatively long time if the card is large.

Upon scan completion R-Undelete will show the found disk(s) with the lost files.
Discovered disk
Click image to enlarge

6. Drag the cursor over the found disk and click Show Files
Show Files command
Click image to enlarge

R-Undelete will show files it found on the disk.
Files on the discovered disk
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7. Find the files you want to recover. You may use very advanced find and sorting capabilities of the program. Read R-Undelete help for more details: File Sorting and File Search

You may also immediately preview files of most common types which are presorted on their respective tabs.

Picture preview
Picture preview
Click image to enlarge

Videos. Double-click the file to preview:
Video preview
Click image to enlarge

Note that it's quite common for phone videos to be shot upside down.

You may read more about file previewing in R-Undelete help. File Viewer

If you still cannot find files you want to recover you may use Deep Scan.

8. When you find all of files you want to recover, mark them for recovery.
Files marked for recovery
Click image to enlarge

9. When all of the files are marked, click the Recovery button. R-Undelete will start file recovery showing its progress.
File recovery progress
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10. When the recovery is over R-Undelete will show a brief report.
File recovery results
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and open the folder with the recovered files.
Recovered files
Click image to enlarge

As shown, we've recovered the entire file system that was on the damaged memory card. Now we can format the card to create a new file system and copy the recovered files back to it. The card may now be inserted back into the phone and should work as if there was no damage to the card.

The results of our file recovery show that it is often quite possible to recover the entire file system of an Android phone memory card damaged from an improper ejection.

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Thank you so much! R-Undelete is a life saver!
This program will not activate from my flash drive so I can`t rate it.
Thoroughly impressed!
This is the easiest and the quickest data recovery software I have come across. I had to recover photos and videos out of the corrupted SD card, I tried other paid software which takes 8 hours of the deep scan to come up with less than 50% of data to recover.
R-Photo did that in a few minutes and recovered more than 35 GB of photos & videos in less than an hour, without missing a single file.
Highly Recommended.
Just wanted to thank you for a great product. I wish I had found it last year when I lost 8tb of movies. Right now I am manually recovering the movies (From DVD) and copying them to my home entertainment system. I thought I had lost an additional 54gb today but with this tool it was all retrieved. Thanks again.
Hi, Just wanted to drop a note to say that your software worked perfectly. I accidentally deleted around 400GB of sensitive data, and for some reason my Windows didn`t have a system restore point set. After a little panicking, I searched around and found your software being the top recommendation. And it worked exactly as advertised: I got all my data back in perfect shape! Thank you!