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  • File Undelete Feedback
Thank you so much! R-Undelete is a life saver!
Dimitris from Greece
This program will not activate from my flash drive so I can`t rate it.
John Campbell
Thoroughly impressed!
This is the easiest and the quickest data recovery software I have come across. I had to recover photos and videos out of the corrupted SD card, I tried other paid software which takes 8 hours of the deep scan to come up with less than 50% of data to recover.
R-Photo did that in a few minutes and recovered more than 35 GB of photos & videos in less than an hour, without missing a single file.
Highly Recommended.
Dweep Kalaria
Just wanted to thank you for a great product. I wish I had found it last year when I lost 8tb of movies. Right now I am manually recovering the movies (From DVD) and copying them to my home entertainment system. I thought I had lost an additional 54gb today but with this tool it was all retrieved. Thanks again.
Jacob Inkelaar (N/A)
Hi, Just wanted to drop a note to say that your software worked perfectly. I accidentally deleted around 400GB of sensitive data, and for some reason my Windows didn`t have a system restore point set. After a little panicking, I searched around and found your software being the top recommendation. And it worked exactly as advertised: I got all my data back in perfect shape! Thank you!
Dustin Kraus
Спасибо за вашу работу,благодаря вашему сайту смогла восстановить удаленные фотографии с карты памяти фотоаппарата.Очень понятное и наглядное объяснение и программа хороша, я в восторге!
Эделина (пенсионер)
Works like a charm even on 110 GB files.
Отлично!!! R-Undelete помогла мне восстановить нужные файлы. Очень проста и понятна в использовании.Спасибо!
I do not understand whaetver the fucking magic that was, but your software was the only one that managed to recover my file and has done it in like 5 minutes. I am really sorry I cannot afford myself to purchase your product, so all I can give is my sincere gratitude. Thank You.
Добрый день!
Выражаю огромную благодарность за помощь!
Прочитав статью `Восстановление Фото с Карт Памяти Цифровых Камер`, я смогла с помощью программы `R-Undelete` восстановить фотографии, удалённые с карты памяти фотоаппарата.
До этого были перепробованы другие различные 5 программ, но они не смогли полностью восстановить удалённые файлы.
Только ваша программа справилась с данной задачей!
Saved ALL of the files of a damaged SD card after the computer continuously showing `Do you want to format it?`.
BEST free-of-cost software that offers full data recovery.
Totally recommended.
Keep up the good work!!!
Zahra (N/A)
Замечательно! Прекрасная программа и отличные толковые комментарии. Даже я справилась!
Оксана (частное лицо)
thank you so much for providing access to data recover RUDELETE SOFTWARE IT HELPED ME A LOT in recovering my media
madhav (no name)
Спасибо за программы!Восстановила фото и видео с отформатированной карты памяти фотоаппарата. Всем пользователям гаджетов рекомендую этот сайт!
Just amazing. I tried several (paid) products but was in vain trying to recover my drive that was accidentally formatted.

Your R-Undelete did what many others could not do. Thanks for saving my day!
Ваша программа великолепно возстанавливает известные ей типы файлов, но, к сожалению, ненашла ни одного файла с разширением .torrent. Добавте, пожалуйста, эту возможность.
Thank You very much for the R-Undelete software. Owesome. GodSpeed
edwin orinday
Скачала R-Undelete для восстановления фото. Очень удобна в использовании, на русском языке. На сайте очень подробное описание ее установки и пользование. Большое спасибо за мои спасенные фотографии!!! Рекомендую.
I downloaded my most recent files from the camera SSD drive and having copied them to two places on the PC, deleted all the files on the card. It was only after starting to review the pics that I discovered that the download had been interrupted and several files were missing. After trawling the net I found a free programme called R-Undelete which quickly and easily recovered not only the most recent files but many others going back several months. I normally download using USB but I used a card reader for this.

I am very grateful to rtt for this very effective tool
Clif Malcolm (Home User)
I used R-Undelete today to reclaim 3 files that I accidentally deleted. I had previously used a few other similar utiliities and none of them did the excellent job done by R-Undelete. Thank You!
Bruce Allen (na)
Thank you so much!!!!

I am so glad that the pictures of my family are saved. What a great relief!
I deleted some files by accident on my camera. Your program worked perfectly and quickly to recover those 5 important pictures for me from my memory card. Thank you so much!
Carolien Mermans
Lost all foto`s and movies of last months from my Samsung phone SD card(exFAT). `My Files` removes dir`s instead of merging.... Your tool recovered most of what was lost ; ))
If you guys add a donate button for home edition I will donate 20$
Tijn Gommans
Приятно было увидеть восстановленные материалы!Спасибо! RESPECT !
Безмерно благодарна разработчикам программы по восстановлению файлов. Слава Богу, что есть такие одаренные люди! Нам удалось восстановить видео бесценных детских моментов!
After trying three different file recovery programs, I found yours and installed. Not only did it find the files I had accidentally deleted, it also recovered them in a usable format
Sandra Chung
Прога ,`бомба`, впервые вышло так что при переносе файлов с диска C на диск D не все файлы сохранились, благо что до этого я их копировал на внешний носитель и соответственно удалил за ненадобностью , прога всё нашла и восстановила без всяких `бубнов с танцами`, респект и уважуша.
Дмитрий (PCbackup)
I did last night a Oh my goooood Shift-delete. on 2 virtual machines where I had my code. it meant 2 weeks of work gone. I tried 5 to 6 un-delete tools recommended by google search NONE of them could even locate the old file names of the VM except your software. Then I bought the licence, an hour later I was back running, the best 54.99$ I ever spent. Thank you for this terrific product (and BTW very easy to use too), you saved my rump today.
Philippe Watel
What a brilliant piece of software. The instructions and the way the program operates is superb. You have thought of everything.
Not only able to recover from usual places but also when windows failed to save a folder content properly. I did not expect to be able to get my files back so was impressed when R-UNDELETE found and recovered them. Thank you.
Jason Roberts (Respot Software Ltd)
Спасибо вам за такой продукт как RUndelete4 и за то, что есть возможность использовать его легко и просто на домашнем компьютере. Восстановила файлы с поврежденной флэшки, которые думала уже навсегда утеряны! Еще раз большое спасибо!
Удалила сознательно файлы с карты памяти (видеосъёмки), потом потребовалось восстановить. Очень быстро разобралась в инструкциях и произошло чудо в моём понимании, файлы вернулись, хотя надежды не было. Спасибо. Без рекламы, без регистрации и прочих разводок
Best software ever. Managed to recover some very important files from the office`s camera SD card. 10/10

Many thx.
Christopher Marie
Ребята, большое Вам спасибо, восстановил текстовый документ без всяких проблем.
Не ожидал так быстро и качественно восстановить случайно удаленные фото с памяти фотоаппарата. Спасибо за Вашу работу!
R-Undelete product provide the best results for different file system.
Thanks R-Undelete
Just want to say GREAT THANKS to a creator of this soft.
Your product is excellent.
What a blessing of a product! I recently had an uninstall go bad, with the uninstaller attempting to delete every folder in my Program Files directory. I managed to stop it, but not before it deleted over 367,000+ files! Using your Undelete product, I was able to set it running while I slept and awaken to all files restored to a USB drive!
Charity Slepcevic
This is the single greatest file recovery software I have ever used. You guys saved my drive. Great job, and thank you.
Awesome software! Thanks so much! I downloaded the demo version of R-Undelete to see if it would recognize a .MOV video file I recently SHIFT-DELETED. The file was 4.3 GB in size on my NTFS/Windows 7/SP1 64 Bit system. It found the file, even allowed playback in demo mode, so I purchased R-Undelete and recovered the file in a matter of seconds!!! Thanks again, that answered my question about recovering files larger than 4 GB with this software! I will highly recommend this product to friends/co-workers! Thanks for saving me from my own stupidity!
Sean Boyles
Thanks to your product I was able to recover 10 years worth of work that I had erased from floppy disks thinking that I had successfully copied them to CD. I downloaded R-Undelete and recovered all of the files (which were zipped) without a problem. The program was easy to use and worked like a charm. Keep up the good work.
Mark A. Klug
You cannot imagine my gratitude and relief. I had gigabytes of irreplaceable data restored within minutes of installing R-Undelete. I will certainly share my experience with others. Thank you for a great product.
Jeremy Shantz
Just a note to say thanks for writing R-Undelete. I had copy-pasted about 80 photos from my camera to my hard drive (pictures of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Manhattan, etc.) and then deleted the directory on the memory card. I accidentally selected Undo on the Explorer and without thinking, clicked Ok to the warning ("Undo copy?"). My pictures were irretrievably gone -- the operation was done without going through the Trash Can. I bought Norton Utilities 2002 because I'd used Undelete years ago with some success, but the Undelete Wizard took about 2 seconds before telling me that there were no candidates to restore on my 7 GB NTFS drive (running WinXP Pro). It seems you have to install the protection BEFORE you can retrieve accidentally deleted files. Duh!
As a last desperate measure, I went to Google and searched for "Recover Deleted Files" and came up with your web site. I downloaded and installed the demo (to a different drive ;-), scanned my disk (which took about 20 minutes), and there they were -- my deleted pics and Quicktime movies! Of course the demo wouldn't restore any of them -- even the ons that were less than 64K -- but I trusted the utility enough to buy the real R-Undelete which promptly restored the files.
The only thing I have left to do is take Symantec up oon their 60 day money back guarantee.
Jerry Jaworski
Jerry Jaworski
Recently, my main hard drive on my Windows XP box crashed, wiping out the MFT. My last backup was corrupted, and I thought all was lost. I spent a holiday weekend downloading and testing about a dozen different product demos to see if anything could be recovered.
R-Undelete was by far the fastest and most complete utility I tested, so I bought and downloaded the full version.
It recovered every important file, including my e-mail folders, and several directories of digital photos that did not have recent backups. Thank you R-TT!
Brian Abernathy
Thank you very, very much!
R-Undelete just saved my life
(or at least three days of it)
Werner Gress (arso GmbH)
Thank You! I had a portable harddisk that I use to offload my camera compactflash card images while traveling. On returning home and connecting this harddisk to the computer I found that the logical partition had been damaged. Thanks to your application I was able to download the demo and see what could be recovered. Then I could simply and quickly purchase online, use the activation code without a reinstall, and recover all my 90GB of files. All recovered in only a couple of hours!
Many thanks for this excellent product and service.
John Lafferty (lafferty.com.au)
Hello -- I need to take the time to commend you on an EXCELLENT product - R-Undelete.
I am in the IT Staff for a law firm, and I'm here on the weekend trying to recover some deleted files. Browsing around for demos to try, there are other programs that you compete with that didn't even SEE THE FILE I needed to recover, making me nervous - some even needed NTFS permissions changed / emergency disks handy, etc etc... I then found your site, downloaded your demo, and it saw the file ! Man I was relieved. I knew the demo was limited to 64K, and I immediately bought R-Undelete from your website, and everything went as you specified, even on the weekend ! This is to be commended.
Thanks very much for providing a product that actually works, and is very easy to use, as a side !
Thanks for your smooth purchase/install/use format, that really saved me a lot of time from having to restore from various backup tapes. Worth $55 ? You bet ! I'm recommending it to everyone.
Ryan Monahan (SKWWC)
Fat32 worked well--saved 5+ years of family photos. Thanks.
Jeff Hicks
My wife and I recently returned from a 3 month stay in Bryce Canyon where I took almost 1500 photos. When we got home I transfered the files from my laptop to my desktop. I then removed the partitions on my laptop in preparation to reformat the harddrive (which I still haven't got around to yet). Unfortunately, I didn't check to see if all the photos were transfered and it turns out they weren't. Needless to say, I was more than upset with myself.
I purchased your undelete software, plugged in a portable harddrive to the laptop, and recoverd all my photos. I'm a VERY happy camper now! Thanks for the great, easy-to-use software!
Robert Stermer-Cox (Dancing Clouds, LLC)
You guys just saved my bacon. My main data drive just crashed. It caused my computer to reboot. Once rebooted, there was only one file on the drive (there was 300 Gig's of data before it freaked out). Every time I clicked to the drive through explorer, reboot. I tried to chkdsk from the command prompt, reboot. R-Undelete to the rescue. The 15 gigs of my most needed and critical source code and client backups are being restored as we speak. Seriously. Thank you guys for your software.
James Reichardt (Northstar Internet, Inc.)
Dear Sirs,
Many many many thanks!!! With R-Undelete I recovered all my lost source files (each under 64kB) within a minute (including the installation of R-Undelete). Your program is easy to use and it does what one wants it to do.
Ludek Nerad (Eqisoft)
Dear Sir;
I am a systems and kernel developer. I have worked on SysVr4 at Bell Labs, AIX at IBM and Linux on various consulting assignments.
My wife just trashed several important files and I thought I had 4 to 8 hours of disk recover ahead of me.
I downloaded the trial version of your product and it found the deleted files and recovered them with no loss in data.
I went directly back to your site and registered on line.
No wonder you provide a free trial. After seeing it work it's irresistible.
Yes I have the skills to recover a disk, but why should I go to all that work when you have solved the problem so well.
Thanks - I figure I saved several hundred dollars of my time for the small price of your product.
John W. Marland
Hi R-tools people. r-undelete hjas just rescued 2 weeks of work in an accidentally truncated powerpoint presentation. a fantastic tool, worth every dollar. thanks.
Jerry Evans
Dario Zgrablic
Dario Zgrablic
hi, like a fool i deleted all my documents, i downloaded the trial version of your R-Undelete software, and it worked AMAZINGLY!
i tried about 3 other before stumbeling on yours, and i have to say yours is the best by FAR!
nice intergration within windows, and a fantasticly easy to your GUI.
it would of been 10/10 if it was free ;) :)
olly (Maxxd LTD)
GREAT product!!!!! Absolutely better than anything else for retrieving deleted files on a Zip 250 disk!!! A real lifesaver!!!
Chris Guidi
Thankyou for a great product - R-Undelete. I accidentally wiped photos of an important milestone event in my child's life. I enquired everywhere for help - from the digital camera shot where I purchased my camera to all the computer service stores in our town - to find the only suggestion was to have my little camera disc sent up to Sydney (we are in Melbourne Australia)to a specialised data recovery place. Good grief! Your product made our lives a lot simpler.
Thankyou - it has worked brilliantly and immediately.
Fiona Douglas
Fiona Douglas (Inkling)
I just started using R-Undelete and it seems like a great program. The concept of Windows based file recovery onto a different disk is very attractive in comparison with the normal "Boot Disk" approach. My preliminary experience has been very positive. I also like your website, price and the ease in which I completed the online transaction. I compared the product to several others and I think yours was clearly superior, especially fo rthe price. THANKS.
Richard Brummel (Brummel Computer Services)