File Viewer

File Viewer

The built-in file viewer allows the user to view both existing and deleted files to estimate chances for successful file recovery or to find a necessary file to recover. All common photo and video types are supported.

To view a file, double-click or right-click the file.

Depending on its type, R-Photo will show or play file's content differently.

File viewer for photos

Photos are shown within the main program's window.

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File view - Pictures

The photo can be rotated, if necessary. Use the arrows on the upper right corner. The photo can also be zoomed in/out by resizing the program's window.

Right-click the file to return to the previous view on the tab.

R-Photo can also show picture files as tiles.

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File viewer - Picture tiles

File viewer for Video files

R-Photo plays video files in a separate viewer window. They can be shown (including embedded pictures) even without their respective applications installed.

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File viewer - video


Supported photo and video types:

Click to expand/collapse Video Files

Click to expand/collapse Photo files